saenai heroine no sodateka

六 月
Two months ago I reviewed a show that I really liked and invited you to do same given a new instance of Saekano was near. Now that that is over, it was no surprise that the continuation of Aki' story of love, ideals and meta commentary was among my top three shows for the Spring season. Before jumping to the review, I should say I had some trouble picking it ...
四 月
Given that the next season of this anime is coming up soon, I decided to revisit Saekano and compare if it was as good as I remembered. Two years have past since Saenai Heroine no Sodateka aired and from that moment along I have been expecting a continuation of this story. There are a lot of good shows that never got another chance (Love Lab, Nozaki-kun, Mikakunin, etc.) and I ...