五 月
You think I forgot about this section but I did not. Manga and Light Novel only interest me if the adaptation of such works leave me wanting to know more or that the author of a Manga I like has other books that might be worth looking into them. And that’s one of the reasons I picked up CITY by Arawi Keiichi, the author of Nichijou. I’ve read most of ...
五 月
If you have read some of my previous articles you might have noticed that one of my favorite genres is comedy. And it is not a surprise that is a genre that translates very well into anime. The freedom given by 2D animation lets you create worlds and situations that might not be available on a 3D production (if it’s not a practical effect or green screen). But not all anime comedies are created as equal, those that succeed to become classics have something special that made them rise above the others even if they were not financially successful or popular during its airing time. ...