This year I changed my reading habits when it comes to Manga, now it is equal to the time I watch Anime. This has been a year of great surprises when it comes to the printing media and I wanted to share with you some of my findings. The majority of the books have been found in some of the oddest places and in some of the strangest circumstances but ...
五 月
You think I forgot about this section but I did not. Manga and Light Novel only interest me if the adaptation of such works leave me wanting to know more or that the author of a Manga I like has other books that might be worth looking into them. And that’s one of the reasons I picked up CITY by Arawi Keiichi, the author of Nichijou. I’ve read most of ...
二 月
Another day, another manga. While the adaptation of this work is currently airing and I have professed my strong liking of the show before, I mean, look at the logo of this site or the 404 page. I am someone who thinks that the original work and the adaptation should stand on its own and there are times where an anime works better than its source. (I’m looking at you ...
二 月
Literature will also have a place in this blog, it does not matter if it is a manga, light novel or a regular novel, reviews will also be available for them. In the case of manga or light novels it will be an ongoing review as the volumes are available in English. Other restrictions may apply but now it’s time to inaugurate this section with a colorful manga that got ...