little witch academia

七 月
It’s finally here, among all the shows aired this season only one could reach the top and be the best. While the show started on the Winter season, it ended this week so it’s fair to compare it with others. Incidentally, the show was announced after the ending of one of my favorite shows from last year and since then I have been hyped and hoping the show could live ...
四 月
This blog has survived long enough to talk about a new season, and it comes as a surprise. Last season was filled with good shows, I can say that I didn’t hate anything I saw until the end. Even the mediocre ones gave something to talk about. But now it’s time to give a quick look to the shows I picked to follow this season, you will notice there are less than the previous one. ...
一 月
Welcome to First Impression, a seasonal article where I share my current opinion about shows I picked up each season, the ones I dropped and those who are treading on thin ice. It also works as a comparison point to the future final verdict of this season. Following my criteria, I’ve only watched three episodes of each shows. Opinions might change in the future, if so the post will be edited accordingly. ...