first impressions

四 月
A year has passed since I wrote a similar article, I hope the time between writing this and the next season won’t be as long as now, but remember this is a space where after watching three episodes of shows of the season, I list those who grabbed my interest, those who are hanging there and things that were too horrible to keep watching. In comparison with last year, this season has a more diverse pool to pick from long-awaited second seasons to original shows from famous directors. ...
五 月
It’s cold outside but apparently we are already on the spring season, which means it’s time to talk about the first impressions this season has brought. But first I should apologize to you, the reader, I’ve been lacking no content in the past days and my only excuse is the fatigue after writing all day on my current job. I still have two pending reviews about spring season shows and a special one I was planning to do. ...
一 月
Happy delayed new year! I’m still here and the blog too. I have worked in the past three weeks to make some small but significant changes to the blog. And now that those small details are sort out and all the shows have reached their third episode it’s time to evaluate the first impressions of the Winter 2018' season. For what is worth, this seems to be a wholesome season. ...
十 月
The air is filled with the aroma of pumpkin and Christmas decorations, which means the Fall season is here. As part of this ongoing series, I’m going to list the shows I picked up, those that are walking on a tight rope and the ones that are not even worthy to look past the third episode. Previously stated, I will include Anime that originally aired during the last season but will continue in this one. ...