七 月
Happy Halloween, or that is what I would say if this were October 31st. But following modern traditions of celebrating holidays two or three months before they happen, a new section for this blog has arrived. From here to Halloween night, I’ll be reviewing every two weeks horror anime and manga. I have expressed before that horror/terror are one of the most difficult genres to translate to Anime. While there ...
四 月
The time has come to reveal my pick for best show of the Winter season. I’ll admit it came as a surprise and while it was one of the shows I wanted to see I did not expect to be this good. The premise alone sounded bizarre but it was worthy. Bear in mind that I have not read the source material, I’m just referring solely to the adaptation. This is not my last review of the season so expect another article soon. ...
四 月
Continuing with these series of reviews of the Winter season now we reach the second place. I must say I was surprised not to give Demi-chan wa Kataritai the first place, and well, the name of the site does not help to cover my bias towards the show but it was a difficult decision to make, the other show was slightly better. This doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy Demi-chan and I’ll be writing plenty about why it was one of the best shows last season. ...
四 月
Finally the Winter season is over and now it’s time to pick the best shows that aired during these months. I am going to review separately my top three anime I saw this season. As part of these reviews I’m not going to dive only on the show but also what made them good in the first place. I will begin with the third place that goes to the second season of Konosuba and its place as one of the greatest parodies (at least in the anime world) ever made. ...