boku no hero academia

十 月
The rundown for the best shows of the Summer season continues. As I said before, I’ll take in consideration shows that started on a previous season but ended in the next one. Seems fair for shows with two-cours because many of them decay during the last episodes (Talking to you Re:Creators). Today we will be talking about the second season of a show that by all means could be your ...
七 月
The temperatures are rising, which means the summer season is finally here. And surprisingly enough the selection of shows available this season is vast. We got at least four high school life with a twist shows and apparently three superhero shows too, only one of them does not suck or have influence from Western animation (Looking at you Stan Lee). This time will be different given that some of the shows that I’ll present here, to the moment of this publication, have not reached a third episode but if something changes between this article and the next episode, I’ll update it accordingly. ...