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First Impression: 2017 Winter Season

First Impressions

Welcome to First Impression, a seasonal article where I share my current opinion about shows I picked up each season, the ones I dropped and those who are treading on thin ice. It also works as a comparison point to the future final verdict of this season. Following my criteria, I’ve only watched three episodes of each shows. Opinions might change in the future, if so the post will be edited accordingly.

Shows I like.

Youjo Senki

A salaryman defies “God” and in return “God” send him to Germany as a loli during an alternative timeline where magic is real but WWI still happened. As an alternative history fan, I enjoy the setting but the show seems to have much to offer. I don’t mind the character design even if it differs from the original work.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai

If it’s not obvious enough, I love Demi-chan wa Kataritai. If you feel unsettled by the premise of monster girls, rest assured this is not Monster Musume. Here the topic of monster girls is treated not with lewdness but as real issue, and how the girls deal with her demi treats. The direction is unbelievable for a show like this, so far I’ve been completed amazed by how the story is been told. Please more shows like this one.


Probably the last arc of one the greatest comedy/action sagas and after all these episodes has not dropped its quality. There’s not really much to say but if you haven’t seen Gintama, do it. Worth the 300+ episodes.

Little Witch Academia

Don’t you even dare to compare this show to Harry Potter. Since the OVAs I have encountered a charm with this story that has been difficult to find on other shows. The animation is beautiful, with some QUALITY issues but that’s also part of the charm. Now with a complete series with 25 episodes, it will be possible to know more about the LWA universe and the people who live on it. This also could work as a gateway anime. A universal story of magic and following your dreams.

Gabriel DropOut

When it was announced the adaption of Gabriel DropOut I mocked it for being a “Holy Umaru-chan”. I admit I was wrong. This show works where Umaru-chan fails: Good characters and chemistry between them. Christian mythos play a minor role, mostly for gags like the Apocalypse or Hell, what is interesting is a slice of life comedy of weirdos trying to fit in this world. Simple and good enough.

Konosuba S2

Konosuba demonstrates that you can have the cake and eat it too. The sequel of a show parodying the popular genre “trapped in a RPG world” but at the same time also works as a good “trapped in a RPG world” anime. I was afraid that sequel would be more serious than the first season but thankfully that wasn’t the case. The comedy in Konosuba has really improved in contrast with the first season, and I assume it has to do with the surprise success the show had last year. Kazuma is the MC we need and keeps being a breath of fresh air for this genre. The only drawback is that again we only get 10 episodes but I’ll take what I can get.


Akiba’s Trip

When you are against Gintama and Konosuba, you need to bring your A+ game, but Akiba’s trip falls in the mediocre side. If you want a good comedy where characters had to strip to obtain something see “Those Who Hunt Elves”, or just play the game.

Idol Jihen

House of Cards with Idols? No, just a failed attempt to an absurd plot hoping people would fail for the bait.

Seiren (as 02-08-2017)

This is not Amagami SS, it looks like it, it seems set in the same universe but it does not get close to the endearing Amagami universe. But hey, at least we have fetishes like girls peeing, stretch marks, girls smelling your feces and feet fetish. So that compensates it, right? Right?
Edit: It did not get more interesting and the next girl lacks charisma. Sorry, you are not Amagami but I’ll have more things to say in the future.

Chaos;Child (as 02-15-2017)

I’m gonna hate me for saying this, but 5pb, keep milking Steins;Gate because that’s the only good thing you have on your Science Adventures universe. Somehow the sequel is more boring than the original adaption which is considered a bad anime. Whose eyes are those eyes? Not mine, I almost felt sleep during the last episode.
Edit: This show made appreciate more Chaos;Head, in hindsight, at least it was funny bad. This is boring.

Close to be dropped

Masamune-kun no Revenge

“I’m going to make you fall in love with me and then I’ll dump you, hahaha, what could go wrong?” The show.

One Room

This should have been a VR game. Although now I can really insert myself as the MC. No check patterns so far.

Special case

Fuuka and Scum’s Wish

Now this is an interesting case of Anime that are the complete opposite airing at the same time. That’s the only reason I’ll keep watching them, regardless of the quality of the story. I like romance drama but it has to be an engaging story to keep my attention on the relationships. Otherwise I consider them as soap operas.

First Fuuka. The same guy who wrote “Kimi no Iru Machi” tries again to tell us a love story. What is interesting about Fuuka is that is the perfect example for the ideal romantic story. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy and both develop a relationship where they will help each other and be happy forever. Those are the rose colored stories we told ourselves to feel good about how love conquers it all.

And Scum’s Wish is the other side of the coin. Directed by same person behind White Album 2, now we get the cynical, gritty and imperfect vision of love. We are creatures of lust and envy who only want to not feel alone in this world. Platonic NTR, superficial affection and unrequited love only are part of this complex take on the romantic aspirations of our youth.


The season is still fresh and everything can happen. If you have a different take on any of those shows, feel free to contact me.