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四 月

First Impression: 2017 Spring Season

First Impression

This blog has survived long enough to talk about a new season, and it comes as a surprise. Last season was filled with good shows, I can say that I didn’t hate anything I saw until the end. Even the mediocre ones gave something to talk about. But now it’s time to give a quick look to the shows I picked to follow this season, you will notice there are less than the previous one. If you have a recommendation or something that I overlooked, feel free to contact me.

Shows I like

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭

I’ve already talked about my preference to Saekano and it was the only show I was looking forward to see. So far the writing has not decayed, the art is amazing and they have increased their meta commentary which I find fitting for a second season. Although I feel they took a slower pace compared to the last season, I don’t mind it. Megumi best girl.

Renai Boukun

Over the top romantic comedy, this show cuts all the fat when it comes to relationship and it goes directly to kisses, hugs and other lewd stuff. The characters have chemistry, they are funny and leave a lasting impression on you. The rules are not very clear about how the “Kiss Note” works but it doesn’t affect my viewing experience.

The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Theater

This is not Puchiimas, so don’t expect the same kind of humor we got those shorts. But seeing more of these girls on these shorts is entertaining. They are only five minutes so it doesn’t take much time.

Warau Salesman NEW

Make a deal with the devil and you will get what you want. Warau Salesman NEW is a remake of an older show and they do a great job adaptation the material to the modern audience. This is not a show to make you feel good, it’s a tragicomedic approach to human desires and greed. The music is top notch.

Alice to Zouroku

The adventures of an old man and a girl with superpowers against an evil conspiracy of scientists experimenting with people. Go watch Logan, and when you finish, come back and give an opportunity to Alice to Zouruku. Finally a MC who doesn’t take shit from anybody, be Yakuza or government agents. This post was brought to you by Warl’s Sr.


Probably one of the most pleasant surprise this season. A different take on bringing fictional characters to the real world, in which they are aware that we are their creators and we can change or they world in a whim. It has a solid premise, so far the story is holding up although I’m afraid I can predict where this is going so I hope they twist a bit the obvious route they could take.

Boku no Hero Academia

Now this what a superhero story should be. An inspiring, cheesy and full of action journey to be come the hero of the world. Friendship, discovering how to work as a team and overcome hardships. I know it sounds so lame, but in this day and age where superhero stories are overdone to the point of being cynic about them, Boku no Hero Academia has the ability to want to you to root for them and save the day.

Little Witch Academia (Second cour)

What can I say? LWA enters its second cour with a strong first season, having already established the universe we only a glimpse on the OVA and movies, we get to know more about our favorite characters and introduce new ones. I like it a lot, and I want it to end in a high note.



You have to be 8th generation Japanese to get into this show.

Close to be dropped

Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism

School Prison minus the fun. I really want them to make more effort in the humor department but the shtick is getting predictable.


Talk about PTSD. This show looks like Oreimo, feels like Oreimo and sounds like Oreimo but it takes its moment to remind you this is clearly not Oreimo. It winks and mocks you for comparing it, even when between these two shows there are ton of similarities. I know it’s unfair to judge a show because of another, but they need to get away from that stench.


These are only my first impression, everything can change and hopefully we will meet again to discover who were the best shows of this season.