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四 月


Lackadaisical writer and critic who wants to try again to maintain a blog. My taste is all over the place when it comes to anime or manga, although someone smarter than me could deduce a pattern from it. I’ve been involved in this medium the majority of life, so there’s no going back for me but I still enjoy it. Although you can expect some old man ramblings in the near future.

Anime and manga are not my only hobbies. I enjoy reading science fiction and detective novels. Gardening and taking care of animals is another thing I do. I also support free software and you should too.

About this site

This site will be used as a reservoir of reviews and ramblings that I think don’t really fit on a microblogging platform. Reviews will come whenever I feel so.

You can contact me via e-mail and here’s the GPG fingerprint:

D459 0BE8 1320 0E27 2A6A 03CE 95A0 5BF1 5427 3307

You can also contact me via XMPP with OMEMO:

F9AF9687 03AA15C7 8B09306E 36E2311E F9AA8AA2 1F1B50F6 8F7F91A9 CB53EC54

The name of the site comes from as a homage for Demi-chan wa Kataritai and the character that stole my heart: Kyouko Machi.